"Coach Waller is an attention to detail and devoted coach.  He has passion and commitment that helps drive his students to their full potential.  His instruction on all mechanical aspects of hitting is very methodical and well paced.  All of these attributes come together in one likable coach!  Coach Waller not only improved my daughter's mechanics and consistency at the plate but has boosted her overall self confidence."         - hitting student parent

2019 Angel completely rebuilds her swing with Coach Waller and then attends the University of Alabama camp where she wins Coach Patrick Murphy's hitting contest.

2021 Waller hitting student attends the University of Arizona camp in December.  Coach Mike Candrea pulls her aside and tells her that her hitting mechanics are perfect.

If you can HIT, you will PLAY.  

It's no secret that coaches will find defensive positions for the best 10 hitters.  So...if you HIT, you will PLAY!  Coach John Waller provides a pedagogical approach to hitting. His students are challenged to be knowledgeable in the fundamentals.  His approach to hitting is not indicative to him. It is a swing that is recognizable throughout the country and at the college level.  The terms and hitting vernacular used will be heard at any college camp your daughter attends. Moreover, she will be more than prepared when she steps on the college campus of her choice.

Throughout the years, John has been humble enough to continue to learn from Top College Coaches, Marty Tyson of the Corona Angels, and coaching clinics. His students, Angel players (current and past) continue to reach out to Coach Waller to prepare them for the upcoming college camps, upcoming college and competitive seasons, or continual instruction. Your daughter will learn to hit a softball very well with a sound softball approach.

For lesson times and opportunities, please contact Coach Waller at 303-349-2456 or jlwallerjr@aol.com