#00 - Devina Ruiz 

#1 - Coco Vallon 

#2 - Peyton Marvel

​#3 - Addie Osborne 

#5 - Mikayla Brown

#7 - Jordyn Heronimus 
#8 - Autumn Rutherford 

#9 - Matix Hull 

#14 - Jai Hernandez 

#16 - Khloe Kubitscheck
#18 - Cayla Bowen 
#28 - Laila Rodriguez 
#48 - Dillyn Collins 
#50 - Ryan Herrera 

Head Coach
​Dawn Gaffin| Gaf002726@adams12.org | 303-901-5236


Team Announcement!

In alignment with the principals of the Colorado Angels softball organization, Coach Gaffin believes that the foundations of a great student athlete are taught at the youngest levels.  While they may not start talking about ACT scores and GPAs, she believes that it is vital these young athletes learn the balance of athletics and school and make it a habit now. 

Coach Gaffin brings a comprehensive knowledge of the game that will ensure your daughter learns and develops proper form and fundamentals on both offense and defense.    With over 30 years of softball coaching experience that includes both high school and competitive travel teams, Coach Gaffin has certainly seen her share of success that includes 11 appearances at the CHSAA State Tournament, 8 League Championships and 6 State Championships at Legacy High School.

This team will be a second year 12U team in the 2017-2018 competitive season and is looking for athletes that align to these core principals.

If you are interested in exploring opportunities with the Colorado Angels, private workouts with the team are strongly encouraged.  This is the best environment in order for the coaches to evaluate player skills as well as interact with interested players within her team setting. 

Contact Coach Gaffin to schedule an open work out.